2016-04-04 jeff rosenstock, great cynics
2016-03-19 throwers, kokomo, thurm
2016-03-11 pretty hurts, honeymoon
2016-02-25 sex jams, bounty island
2016-01-31 shopping, cool living

2015-12-12 radare, orbith the earth (ote cancelled, hauke henkel played)
2015-11-24 die nerven, levin goes lightly
2015-11-11 lorraine, cool living
2015-10-30 broken water, karies, shadowhouse
2015-11-20 class, wwounds, robotnik
2015-10-24 milemarker, sleep kit
2015-10-01 mile me deaf, vague
2015-09-12 teledrome, future punx, ufosekte
2015-09-03 solids, rat columns
2015-08-06 loma prieta, dangers, swain, nervous
2015-07-18 football etc., carson wells, cavalcades
2015-06-29 prawn, hindsights, brightr
2015-06-12 mantar, wiegedood, treha sektori
2015-05-30 andrew jackson jihad (solo & acoustic), henri parker, tigeryouth
2015-05-21 see through dresses, freiburg
2015-04-29 pascow, caves
2015-04-24 phantom winter, ultha, direwolves
2015-04-06 viva belgrado, maskros
2015-03-20 class, finisterre
2015-03-13 salad days: a decade of punk in washington dc
2015-02-21 sport, the kids crusade, sandlotkids
2015-01-30 warm graves, qual
2015-01-14 caravels, octaves

2014-12-15 dowsing, kittyhawk
2014-12-06 donots
2014-11-28 give, dogchains, skaggs
2014-11-26 ratttengold, les trucs (auxes cancelled)
2014-11-11 toundra, zero absolu
2014-10-24 trainwreck, el camino car crash, barren
2014-10-09 the tidal sleep, pssgs
2014-10-04 lord snow, afterlife kids, kerretta
2014-09-18 year of no light, o (kreis)
2014-09-01 rainmaker, reason to care
2014-08-09 love a, andalucía
2014-07-23 holy, torsö, hans-dieter x
2014-06-27 goodtime boys, fjort, we had a deal, i recover, perfect youth
2014-06-12 turbostaat, flo und paul und flo
2014-06-11 girls names, mathematique in cooperation with knertz shows
2014-05-22 birds in row, snakes and lions
2014-05-16 solids, the reptilian, locktender
2014-04-23 caves, rollergirls, sleep kit
2014-04-15 the world is a beautiful place & i am no longer afraid to die, empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate), rainmaker
2014-03-29 AYC fest 2014 – la quiete, oathbreaker, planks, holy, the tidal sleep, throwers, barren, mevrsavlt
2014-03-15 centuries, red apollo, mahlstrom, esoteric youth
2014-02-28 football etc., papermoons, white boy problems
2014-01-31 omega massif, radare
2014-01-15 direwolves, calvaiire

2013-12-13 celeste, kumulus, akela
2013-11-18 no omega, we came out like tigers, snakes and lions
2013-11-14 rollergirls, be!tiger, gravity works fine
2013-10-27 hessian, ruined families, svffer, vvovnds
2013-09-29 the bellicose minds, belgrado
2013-09-13 messer, dulac
2013-09-07 not on tour, the dimensions, hans-dieter x
2013-08-18 loma prieta, holy, anteater, remission
2013-08-01 die! die! die!, human abfall
2013-07-25 between earth & sky, as we were, french nails
2013-07-18 turbostaat, freiburg, i refuse
2013-07-11 dangers, painted wolves, rant
2013-06-29 youth avoiders, deadverse, shitface
2013-05-25 grand griffon, ayakashi, marais
2013-04-25 agent attitude, gust
2013-04-12 rollergirls, el camino car crash, lorraine
2013-04-08 the rodeo idiot engine, the prestige, the brutal deceiver
2013-03-30 AYC Fest #3 trainwreck, light bearer, birds in row, deathrite, goldust, jungbluth, sarg, amber, knifefight!
2013-03-11 throw me off the bridge, no king no crown, white boy problems
2013-03-01 todeskommando atomsturm, scheissediebullen, rattenkönig
2013-02-17 patsy o‘hara, hysterese, underparts
2013-02-02 i not dance, blckwvs, hector savage
2013-01-05 cobretti, the dimensions, flo und paul und flo

2012-12-10 totorro, jean jean
2012-12-01 empowerment, pessimistic lines, blood patrol
2012-11-21 ◯, distar
2012-11-09 throwers, the long haul, i am a curse
2012-10-20 downfall of gaia, centuries, drip of lies
2012-10-01 glasses, robotnik
2012-09-28 not on tour, hysterese, i refuse
2012-09-17 no gods or kings, throw me off the bridge, no king. no crown.
2012-09-06 no weather talks, the dimensions
2012-07-30 tremors, the rätz
2012-07-16 graf orlock, deadverse, sarg
2012-07-14 alpinist, masakari, amber
2012-06-23 loma prieta, we had a deal, risse
2012-06-12 todos caerán, cavalcades
2012-06-01 finisterre, sullen walk
2012-05-04 fallen tyrant, kain
2012-04-12 pyramido, dezafra ridge, yfere
2012-04-07 amalthea, bent cross, i refuse, lara korona
2012-03-31 Wir sind die Toten Fest – JUZ Mannheim: rise & fall, the secret, oathbreaker, trainwreck, sugartown cabaret, man vs. humanity, gottesmorder, kyrest
2012-03-29 secterian violence, avalanche, snakes & lions
2012-03-17 AYC Fest #2 – celeste, patsy o‘hara, arktika, finisterre, radare, sailing on, the tidal sleep
2012-03-03 ruined families, love channel, ayakashi
2012-02-18 geraniüm, boredom, eiltank
2012-02-13 kuhda, lich, abe kamui
2012-01-29 as we draw, calvaiire
duesenjäger, oiro, zosch!, don giovannis super-ich

2011-12-10 planks, gottesmorder, ghost of wem, desert beneath the pavement
2011-12-03 oathbreaker, black haven, man vs. humanity, kaishakunin, hierophant
2011-11-29 throw me off the bridge, no gods or kings
2011-11-11 moms on meth, liberty madness, dulac
2011-11-06 turbostaat, atlan
2011-10-27 goldust, deathrite, snakes and lions
2011-10-10 honigbomber, robotnik
2011-09-30 mnmnts, we had a deal, atlan
2011-09-18 light bearer, monachus
2011-09-09 loma prieta, birds in row
2011-08-25 not on tour, slates, don giovannis super-ich
2011-08-20 hammerhead, blood patrol, snob value
2011-08-10 ghostlimb, black kites, any port in the storm, stumbling pins
2011-08-01 alaskan, galvano, ghost of wem
2011-07-17 lafftrak, fucking werewolf asso
2011-07-15 cobretti, zosch!, napoleon dynamite, alarmstufe gerd
2011-05-28 grand griffon, caleya, cannon for cordoba, trophy wife
2011-05-15 ruins, ende oktober
2011-05-09 birds in row, man the change
2011-04-21 june paik, lara korona, sonderknust
2011-04-15 i not dance, chaos is, farewell, sailing on
2011-03-30 la casa fantom, mononoke
2011-03-17 AYC Fest #1 – alpinist, planks, downfall of gaia, resurrectionists, lentic waters, plague mass, sundowning, left me breathless
2011-03-11 alarmstufe gerd, ksm40, liberty madness
2011-02-26 nihil baxter, love channel, kick it!
2011-01-22 cave canem, t-34, post war depression

2010-11-27 keitzer, arktika, kaishkunin, blame it on the ocean
2010-11-04 sugartown cabaret, sleeping in gethsemane
2010-10-30 celeste, oathbreaker, black haven, birds in row, i am curse